Please join us for an important, in-person educational session at JGS on Thur, Nov 3 from 5:30-6:30p with Francine Sumner, Executive Director of Kid in the Corner.

Open to the community at large, this free, in-person session should be attended by anyone who has or works with children! We welcome you to share this email with anyone else you know who may benefit.

About Kid in the Corner

Kid in the Corner (KITC) is a grassroots nonprofit organization started by Zach Sumner’s family and friends shortly after he died by suicide at the age of 16.

Francine Sumner, Zach’s mother and now the Executive Director of KITC, tells their story:

“This heartbreaking tragedy rocked our community to its core. In the days and weeks that followed, stories emerged about how Zachary was always looking out for and reaching out to the kid in the corner, those kids who felt alone and isolated. Zach was a giver with a keen eye for those in need. Yet sadly, he didn’t feel the reciprocation when he himself became the kid in the corner.

We believe that through education, awareness, kindness, and community connectedness, we can help change the story for the next Kid in the Corner. Our vow to Zach is to honor his legacy by continuing the incredibly important work he started.”