Cultivating Strengths, Transforming Lives.

Our mission

The Jones-Gordon School cultivates the strengths of high potential, motivated students—students who have dyslexia and related learning differences such as ADHD or executive dysfunction—through targeted educational programming.

Our students

Bright. Kind. Creative. Collaborative. Excited to Learn. This is JGS.

Our students are intelligent (possessing average to gifted cognition), out-of-the-box thinkers who learn a little differently, so we’ve created a school just for them—a school tailored to meet the needs of students with language-based learning differences (dyslexia) and/or attention challenges (ADHD).

Please know that JGS is not designed to meet the needs of children whose educational plan focuses on improving conduct or children who are struggling with school avoidance. Prospective students with behaviors that impede the learning environment of other students are not considered for admission. 

Our story

The Jones-Gordon School’s founder, Head of School, (and driving force!) is Dana Herzberg. In 1999, Dana first founded On-Track Tutoring with the vision of helping struggling students achieve academic success.

Over time, through her teaching, tutoring, and consulting experience, Dana recognized the need for a different kind of school in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area—a school for high-potential students with learning differences. In 2010, JGS was founded in order to fill the need for an educational environment dedicated to diverse learners.

We’ve built our reputation by employing only outstanding educators and using state-of-the-art, research-validated curriculum. JGS parents have high standards and expect proven outcomes for their children, and we deliver.

Want to learn more about Dana? Read her story here!

Our core values