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Cultivating Strengths, Transforming Lives.

With a truly customized education, diverse learners thrive at The Jones-Gordon School! 

A private school in Scottsdale, Arizona, we serve elementary, middle and high school students (grades 1-12).

  • small class sizes (10 max.), and a school-wide staff-to-student ratio of 1:3
  • a unique, daily FLEX hour for academic acceleration or support
  • executive function and social/emotional learning incorporated throughout the school day
  • personalized, positive reinforcement behavior management systems facilitated by a BCBA, school social worker, and school psychologist
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, math); field studies; service learning; and gifted/twice exceptional (2e) programs
  • on-site, certified/licensed speech pathologists & occupational therapies
  • a comfortable, secure campus that houses classrooms, lounge areas, indoor and outdoor recreation and play areas, and our four-legged and slithering friends—providing an environment that fosters a close-knit community

Our mission is to educate the “whole child.” JGS’s progressive program successfully fosters academic, social, and emotional growth. We help students shape their strengths and talents into advantages uniquely suited for problem-solving and critical thinking in the 21st century.

We accomplish our goal of making academic success attainable through differentiated instruction, multisensory methods, and experiential curriculum. To cultivate each student’s love of learning, our academic environment is nurturing and constructive, and is supported by an extensive, knowledgeable team of collaborative professionals who are teachers and mentors.

Our students are bright, creative thinkers who may see the world a little differently; so, we’ve created a school just for them—a school that is tailored to meet each student’s needs. JGS students possess average to above average (gifted) intelligence, and often have one or more specific learning differences (such as dyslexia), attention issues (such as ADHD), or are twice exceptional (or “2e,” which is giftedness in addition to learning challenges). We’re successful because we believe it’s our job to teach the way they learn…and that’s EXACTLY what we do!

Please know that JGS is NOT a therapeutic environment and our program is not designed to meet the needs of students whose primary difficulties are behavioral in nature.

The Jones-Gordon School’s founder, Head of School, (and driving force!) is Dana Herzberg. In 1999, Dana first founded On-Track Tutoring with the vision of helping struggling students achieve academic success.

Over time, through her teaching, tutoring and consulting experience, Dana recognized the need for a different kind of school in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area—a school for high-potential students with learning differences and those who are considered twice-exceptional (2e). In 2010, JGS (then called On-Track Academy) was founded in order to fill the need for an educational environment dedicated to these diverse learners.

We’ve built our reputation by employing only outstanding educators and using state-of-the-art, research-validated curriculum. JGS parents have high standards and expect proven outcomes, and we deliver.