NCAA: Supporting student-athlete success on the field, in the classroom and in life by integrating athletics into higher education.

The JGS high school is now registered with the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Eligibility Center! The NCAA review process ensures that our high school program is adequately preparing college-bound student-athletes to succeed in the college classroom. As a result of the review and our school registration, JGS student-athletes who register with the NCAA (during their sophomore year) are eligible to play college sports! 🙂


  • The NCAA comprises more than 1,200 schools and conferences.
  • Providing opportunities to earn a college degree is at the heart of the NCAA’s mission. According to the NCCAA, 80 percent of college athletes are earning degrees – the highest rate ever.
  • The NCAA was founded to keep college sports safe. Today, they work hard to promote safety, excellence, and physical and mental well-being for student-athletes.
  • NCAA schools require college-bound student-athletes to build a foundation of high school courses to prepare them for the academic expectations in college.
  • NCAA schools distribute more than $3.3 billion in athletic scholarships each year.