JGS high school teacher, Mr. Josh, has started a new adventure as Mr. Goodie Grammar!

Don’t worry, Mr. Josh is STILL teaching at JGS! But, in addition, he’s introduced a fantastic way for others to enjoy learning grammar!

Why General Grammar with Mr. Josh, AKA Mr. Goodie Grammar? In his own words:

“Due to the pandemic, I know many of us initially struggled with finding engaging ways to reinvest our students in school. As a result, I’ve been working diligently on a new YouTube channel and website to combat this: General Grammar with Mr. Goodie Grammar. Using FREE guided notes, these 5-10 minute long videos offer a structured approach to English grammar and writing. It starts with foundational knowledge (parts of speech) and builds from there. General Grammar promotes the idea that learning should be fun and accessible to different types of learners.

What makes it great to use for your classroom, or at home with your child?

Engaging: We all know that teaching grammar is complicated, for many people perceive it as dry content. However, it can be a blast to learn. That’s why all videos are humorous, fun, and outrageous. Test groups of kids have commented that they love the comedy, and they enjoyed how it helped reinforce the content in the episode.

Differentiation: As a special education teacher and someone who was diagnosed with A.D.H.D., I wanted to make sure that this content was accessible to as many learners as possible. Therefore, I have the following accommodations:

  • Chunked material
  • Guided notes
  • Subtitles
  • Dyslexic friendly font (Arial for all essential information)
  • Powerpoints
  • Model examples”

Visit his website and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!