April 13-17, 2020 is Unity & Kindness Week! Each daily theme (below) will be highlighted during morning meetings, homeroom, live classes, etc.  We encourage parents to take part at home, too! We are one despite the distance! 

Mindful Mindset Monday 4/13

Take time to show kindness to yourself as we start Unity & Kindness Week!  Give yourself 5 minutes to set your intention for the day and week ahead.  How do you want to feel?  What will you commit to doing in order to have this feeling?  Think about how you want others around you to feel. What actions can you take to support this feeling?  Is there a mantra you can have for the week to remind you of your mindset when feeling lost?  Write it out and send a pic to show off how you are staying present.

Take Action Tuesday 4/14

Commit to taking action and completing a random act of kindness.  It can be for a family member, friend, teacher, or maybe a neighbor.  Help with a chore around the house (without being asked!).  When asked, complete the job on the first request.  Send a note of appreciation to a friend or teacher.  Leave a sidewalk chalk note to brighten your neighbors’ day.  Take a picture to share with your JGS family.

Wellness Wednesday 4/15

Cook a delicious snack or meal with family that nourishes your mind and body.  Share a picture (and the recipe!) with the JGS community to show how wellness is important to you.

Talk About It Thursday 4/16

Take time today to truly check in on how you and others around you are feeling.  Talk about why those feelings are present with someone.  Do you want to stay or shift?  Discuss how or why you’d make that happen.  Use this time to evaluate if you are maintaining your mindset from Monday.  Pull out that mantra if you need to reset and prepare for the remainder of the week!

United From Afar Friday 4/17

Sport your JGS swag to show that despite distance, we are never apart in heart.  Celebrate the end of the week by joining us virtually for an online talent show at 7 PM that displays the variety of skills in our community!  Details on how to stream will be provided via email by Coach Cady.