We teach, inspire, encourage.
They succeed.

Now a part of The Jones-Gordon School, On-Track Tutoring (OTT) provides Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and the Phoenix Metro area with one-on-one private tutoring and academic support services, including executive function training and reading intervention using research-validated multisensory literacy programs.

Well-known throughout the Valley for supporting students of all levels and abilities, On-Track serves students in primary grades through college.

We take great pride in offering an exceptional experience that starts with carefully matching each student to the right tutor, monitoring and assessing progress, and ultimately, achieving academic success through proven, effective teaching and study strategies.

Success that spans two decades

We offer a winning combination of undivided attention, collaboration, flexibility, convenience, privacy, and proprietary programs that translate students’ strengths into tools for academic—and life—success.

Individualized  |  services are one-on-one and customized to each student’s needs

Convenient  | sessions take place at our PV site (on the JGS campus), at home, or at other locations (public library, parent’s office, etc.)

Personalized  | with focused attention, students progress at their own pace and have fewer distractions

Flexible  | families work directly with their tutors to create schedules that work around other commitments

Encouraging  | patient, nurturing professional tutors provide a safe, comfortable, and non-competitive learning environment

Confidence-building  | students gain enhanced self-esteem and determination so that they can meet new challenges

Motivating  | our tutors are positive role models and mentors who foster a love of learning

Empowering  | each student is provided the tools to overcome weaknesses and discover his or her own strengths

Results-oriented  | our students achieve success by working to their highest potential!

Academic Tutoring

Expert educators; one-on-one learning; on-site, in-home, & online



Multisensory instruction & support for dyslexia & language-based LDs


Executive Function
Skills Training

Essential EF skill-building for ADHD & executive dysfunction


On-Track Tutoring (OTT) and The Jones-Gordon School (JGS) are operated by:
– Jones-Gordon Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID #853816616.

Established in 1999 by local education expert, Dana Herzberg, M.Ed., we provide home- and site-based tutoring, academic support services, executive function and reading remediation programs, and private school options. All OTT and JGS programs are customized to each student’s needs, empowering them to discover their strengths and achieve results!