School Choice in Arizona has afforded parents the opportunity to select the school that best serves their child’s needs – private school, public school, or charter. When the best choice is a private school (like JGS!) the participation of Arizona taxpayers in the Private School Tax Credit Program is vitally important.

This program, along with other tax credit opportunities, allows Arizona taxpayers to make donations through qualified charitable organizations like the Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund (APESF) and receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit.

During School Choice Week, when you donate through APESF and recommend The Jones-Gordon School, APESF will award your scholarship contribution to The Jones-Gordon School students at 110%!

Your contribution must be received by APESF during School Choice Week (Jan 25-30, 2021) to qualify for the 110% promotion. This promotion applies to donations recommending The Jones-Gordon School only, NOT recommendations to individual students.

Please join us in celebrating School Choice Week and The Jones-Gordon School, by making your donation online or by check. Maximum contribution amounts are shown below, and additional information can be found at

JGS students and APESF sincerely appreciate your generosity!