Student successes… why we do what we do!

“Words are yet to be invented to describe my gratitude for the love, care, support and education you’ve given my sons…. It takes an amazing and dedicated soul to work with children, and I hold all of you in high regard. All of you equally have touched my heart and the hearts of my precious sons. Getting through challenges and seeing accomplishments are [what] a parent prays for…. Thank you, all of you; for being you, for sticking with the kids, pushing [them] to elevate their goals, and loving them as if they are your own. Each of you are special to me! I look forward to seeing all of you next year…sooooo rest UP! :)”
“[We] did our homework, to say the very least, in regards to schools [for our son]. I walked into Jones-Gordon with little hope since it was similar to another school that hadn’t accepted him. But [Dana] listened and said she’d work with us. I love that woman! She is SO invested in all of the kids. [My son] is doing so well! Such loving, amazing teachers…. The Jones-Gordon School has been INCREDIBLE.

I’m getting [my son’s] lunch ready and feeling like I’m sending him to the best place on planet earth!”

Parent of a JGS 4th grader
“We want to thank you so much for making [our son’s] eighth grade year so enjoyable. You have been very accommodating with our situation and it has not gone unnoticed. We can’t express enough how happy he has been with you [the staff] and the other kids at school. You made a very challenging transition easy and comfortable for him. He is going to miss JGS tremendously, but I know he’ll now be able to succeed wherever he is. Thank you, thank you.”
Mom of a former JGS student

“At The Jones-Gordon School, and under Dana Herzberg’s guidance, our daughter has excelled beyond our expectations in so many areas. Three years ago our daughter was very frustrated in school and learning was not fun for her. She basically “shut down” when faced with new and difficult tasks and was so unhappy at school that she did not want to attend.

We are pleased to say she has developed into a very outgoing and enthusiastic child full of self-esteem who is meeting if not mastering most of the standard requirements for her grade level. She loves The Jones-Gordon School where she can flourish both socially and academically because they understand her. JGS provides the best curriculum, private instruction in the areas that are needed, low teacher-to-student ratios and an extremely enthusiastic team who really cares about their students.

Our daughter is succeeding because JGS knows how to be the dynamic entity; continually improving, changing, and growing in response to the needs of the students and to new knowledge through educational research. We are proud of our daughter, her hard work and accomplishments. The hope we were given years ago has been and will continue to be fulfilled. Our daughter is happy and enjoys the gift of learning. We are proud to be with The Jones-Gordon School and look forward to each new year going forward.”

The M Family

“We want to say thank you to all the staff at Jones-Gordon. We are very happy and grateful that we were able to get a spot at your school for our son [last] year. With his numerous learning differences and anxieties, The Jones-Gordon School was the perfect place for him to be. He actually learned and felt good about himself! With it’s very small classrooms and educated, attentive staff, our son got exactly the attention that he needed, every day and in every subject area. All the teachers and tutors, as well as the administrative staff, were very responsive to our concerns and our son’s needs.

We could not have asked for a better place for our son to be as he prepared to go back to public school.”

Mr. and Mrs. S

“When [our son] started 8th grade at The Jones-Gordon School, he was insecure, quiet and floundering due to his previous middle school experiences. He thought he was just dumb. The best thing we did was take him out of a negative school environment and place him at JGS. The staff, along with Dana’s guidance, opened up a whole new world for him. He is a smart (which we already new—but now he does, too!), thriving, happy 14-year-old boy. You have a special gift of bringing out the best in children. It is truly extraordinary! Thank you for your love and support.”

Parent of a JGS high school student
“Thank you all so much for all of the time and effort put in to bringing sports to JGS and for making Friday’s track meet a reality. Providing the students with physical challenges and nurturing pride and camaraderie is of such tremendous value. We are so grateful and excited about the season.

Thank you also for looking after [my daughter] while she was there! I know that she relished the experience of being on a trip, independent from both of her parents, as she prepares for greater autonomy next year. Thank you again for your kindness and support.”

Mom of a current JGS high school student

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all that you do. I have 2 very unique children, with very different needs, and they are both thriving at JGS. Both have never been happier with their school and education. My son’s reading has taken off. It is amazing. My daughter is allowed to do the algebra that I did in 9th grade during 4th grade. It’s wonderful.

I am very thankful for JGS and so thankful for the vision you brought to life.”

Parent of 2 JGS Lower School Students

“There are several things that I really enjoy about JGs. I like how everyone is really friendly and is always there for you if you have a question or need help with something. The teachers have positive attitudes and are always ready to teach and be helpful. It also feels like home here since it has a laid back feeling, but is very serious when it comes to learning.

[JGS] is providing me with a quality education. I feel that I am getting a better education at my own pace. One difference that I immediately saw between my old school and this one is that JGS is very thorough. When I first came here, I saw material that I had glanced over at my other school but had never really [studied] in-depth, [which] made me feel very insecure with my understanding of the material. However, [at JGS] I started to really understand and enjoy it more as I learned more thoroughly, which also made me feel more confident. That is why JGS was the right choice for me.

JGS high school student
“Our time at The Jones-Gordon School private school has been amazing; I have a son who is finally excited to go to school! The curriculum is catered to his specific needs and he is pushed to work his hardest every day no matter what his challenges may be. The school is like a family with each child cared for in a way that you would care for your own child. Dana and the staff have dedication like nothing I have seen before. They are always going above and beyond to help our kids thrive.”
Parent of a current 3rd grader at JGS
“Our journey this year at The Jones-Gordon School: Hopeful. Optimistic. Excited. Amazed! Our son’s journey this year at The Jones-Gordon School: Cautiously hopeful. Encouraged. Motivated. Empowered! Learning to work with and around dyslexia, low working memory, slow processing, AD/HD, OCD and anxiety is a daunting task for any student. But for the first time in our son’s life, he feels optimistic, encouraged, excited and empowered!

Home school, private school, public school with special ed. services, private school specializing in children who learn differently – we tried ‘em all. The Jones-Gordon School is the ONLY academic provider that has been able to meet our son’s needs. After years and years of academic failure – his walls were high and the mortar thick and strong. At Jones-Gordon he felt safe. At Jones-Gordon he could decompress. At Jones-Gordon he was able to demonstrate his strengths and expose his weaknesses without humiliation. Dana and her team have the experience, knowledge, and expertise – but most of all – they have a one-of-a-kind passion, an innate sense of how kids like our son learn; and a vision of success for each and every student.

The program model is perfect with 1:1 private tutoring in the areas the student struggles in the most, proven programs and technology, small class sizes, lots of hands-on learning and creativity. That is all well and good, but the proof is in the scores. In 1 year, during 8th grade, our son doubled and even TRIPLED his academic scores across the board! He gained 4 years in math skills alone! Success breeds success. For the first time since he was a little boy, we know he is going to have the tools he needs to live a happy and fulfilling life.

What a year it has been!”

Proud parents of a current 9th grade JGS student
“My youngest son, a very athletic 11 year-old boy, came to The Jones-Gordon School thinking he was the stupid boy who nobody wanted to work with in class but all wanted on their sports team. It only took a short time for him to feel defeated in school with no will to learn as it was just ‘too hard.’ Then, the first few months at JGS were difficult but much easier than the past years in his old schools. Nobody called him ‘stupid.’ Everyone liked him for just being himself. He finally felt he was in a safe environment where learning might be possible. By mid-year, things started to connect for him. He was enjoying school! He started to excel at math. Enjoyable, imaginative stories have been written in beautiful handwriting. Artwork is being produced with perfection and reading with comprehension is being achieved thanks to the teachers and program at The Jones-Gordon School. In one year’s time, the staff at The Jones-Gordon School has brought out the confidence my son was missing in order to have success in school. There is no more fighting to get homework done; he has his work all organized and ready for the next day. He actually takes pride in his work and studies on his own. Now that this second year at The Jones-Gordon School is coming to an end, my son is not looking forward to school ending as he wants to keep learning!

Two out of my five children have learning differences, one with Dyslexia and the other with Auditory Processing Disorder. How I wish there was a Dana Herzberg and a Jones-Gordon School around when my oldest son needed help in elementary and middle schools due to his Dyslexia. Dana and her staff could have saved us from a lot of the frustration Dyslexia can bring. My oldest son had to find his way and figure out how he could learn the hard way. My youngest son and I have found Dana and her staff to play an important part in his development and self-esteem. Gone are the days when homework was a struggle, reading was frustrating and spelling was impossible. Now we have days that are filled with endless possibilities and smiles!”

“JGS is an extremely warm and friendly environment where I really feel like I can succeed and finally reach my goals without being overwhelmed by public high school. All the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and push you to do your best while still keeping everything at a reasonable pace for [each] student—you can work at your own pace while still feeling motivated. The environment is great and my fellow peers are so friendly. It’s like we’re one big family. We push each other to succeed. Unlike my other school, where I felt lost after missing a day with no one to turn to, or overwhelmed by the amount of work, I feel like I am blazing through school. After struggling with [school] for a long time, it is great!”
Current high school student