Support The Jones-Gordon School

Support JGS by helping our students with tuition scholarships!

Why support the JGS community?

JGS is dedicated to cultivating students’ strengths and potential.

For our small school, every penny makes the difference in terms of the programming that we’re able to offer: targeted daily FLEX hours, small classes, specialized reading programs, occupational and speech therapies, social and emotional learning, (and more!). Before coming to JGS, many of our children were at high risk of academic failure; however, we are paving the way to higher education, career exploration, and a lifetime of confidence and success!

Your contribution provides financial assistance directly to Jones-Gordon students who would otherwise be unable to receive the education they deserve.

How YOU can help

When you make a donation to a qualified Student Tuition Organization (STO), you are redirecting your tax dollars to provide need-based scholarships. In other words, your contribution is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit that reduces your Arizona tax liability, so you can help provide tuition scholarships for JGS students at no cost! 

Spread the word!

ANY eligible Arizona taxpayer can “take the credit.” That means friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family can also make a difference in the lives of JGS students. All you have to do is ask!

Live out-of-state? You (or your family) can still contribute; rather than receiving an AZ tax credit, your contribution may be tax-deductible like any other charitable donation to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Do you own a business?

Email Jessica Wilhelmsen or call (480) 563-5588 to see how you can direct your Arizona corporate tax dollars to benefit JGS students.

Ready to give now?

It’s easy! Contributions can be made through Tax Day (on or around April 15th each year) and can still qualify for the prior year’s state Private School Tax Credit.

Simply click the button below to make your donation to the STO, APESF (who will then provide scholarships to JGS students!).

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