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Specials & Support Team

Barb Burgess, M.Ed.
Barb Burgess, M.Ed.School Psychologist, School Leadership Team
Barb brings warmth, energy, and a wealth of experience to our team. Her experiences as a school psychologist, social worker, mother of three, and grandmother have helped her in her role as a school psychologist in both public and private school settings. She has performed comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations, therapy, social skills, parenting seminars, and so much more throughout her lengthy career. Barb enjoys working with children of all ages, and continues to be an asset to the students, teachers and parents at The Jones-Gordon School.
Michaela Sands, BSW, MSW
Michaela Sands, BSW, MSWSocial Skills & RULER Education Director, School Leadership Team
Michaela joined our expanding team in 2015 and immediately became a valued member of our staff. Michaela holds an undergraduate degree in Social Work from NAU and a Master’s Degree from the University of Washington, also in Social Work (with an emphasis on Children, Youth and Families). Having experience and specialized training in school-based environments, Michaela has brought a wealth of information and energy to our school.
Jeanine deRozieres, LPN
Jeanine deRozieres, LPNHealth Services
Jeanine is patient, kind, skilled, and has a great sense of humor: perfect qualities to care for our kids, especially when they’re in need of TLC! Jeanine and her family have recently moved back to Arizona after a few years living in Florida—we think she stumbled upon a few too many gators ;). Jeanine has more than a decade of experience in working with children as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Paraprofessional, and MOM to 3 amazing boys. We are thrilled to have Jeanine on our team!
Shawna DeLaura
Shawna DeLauraCooking, Study Skills & Support
Shawna shines when working directly with students and teachers as an aide in the classroom, leading cooking specials sessions, and assisting with art. Shawna grew up around lots of children; she’s one of five(!) and she spent her youth and teen years assisting her mother operate a home-based childcare center in Portland where she was born and raised. Shawna has a passion for everything creative and may soon earn the title as the next (honorable) Martha Stewart! Beyond her creative skill set, Shawna has an inherent ability to bond with students of all ages. Shawna is often the go-to person when someone is having a “bad day” and is often the voice of love, logic and reason.
Joseph Jackson, BA, M.P.Ed.
Joseph Jackson, BA, M.P.Ed.Physical Education, Social Skills Support
J.J. earned his bachelor’s degree at the Univ. of South Alabama and his master’s in Physical Education from the Univ. of West Alabama. Prior to his teaching career, J.J. played baseball at ASU and enjoyed coaching baseball with the L.A. Angels of Anaheim. He has taught P.E. at other local K-8 private & charter schools as well as at Greensboro High School (Greensboro, AL), where he was also head varsity baseball coach. J.J. has a stellar reputation for inspiring students of all ages and abilities to participate in sports and fitness activities, regardless of their perceived strengths or challenges.
Wendy Grace, BFA
Wendy Grace, BFAArt Education
Wendy brings her creative genius to our specials team! An artist & instructor with a lengthy history teaching art to students of all ages, Wendy attended UCLA prior to transferring to Parsons School of Design in NYC where she received her BFA. Wendy’s sculptures can be found in galleries & museums throughout the country. She created and instructed art workshops for children in the East Village, NYC, while continuing to show her own work. Wendy began designing jewelry in 1998 and launched Wendy Grace Jewelry, which can be found on Etsy (check out her work; it’s gorgeous! ). Wendy most recently taught art at a local private school, and is eager to help our students keep their creative juices flowing!
Kris Shen, BS, RBT
Kris Shen, BS, RBTMiddle School Support, Athletic Director
Kris, who holds a bachelor of science in Education, joins us for his first year at JGS. When he first enrolled in college, Kris pursued a Fire Science degree with the intention of becoming a fire fighter. While waiting for an EMT job opening, he took a position at a public school as a paraprofessional in a self contained classroom. He had no idea that it would have such an influence on his career path, but very soon after, he knew he needed to go another direction: Four years later, Kris had earned his Education degree. Kris is very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of The Jones-Gordon School, and we are grateful to have him!