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Lower School Core Team

Monica Yaeger, M.Ed., BCBA
Monica Yaeger, M.Ed., BCBALower School Director
With JGS since 2013 (and a tutor with On-Track Tutoring for several years before that), Monica holds a degree in Special Education, Consultation, and Collaboration with an Emphasis in Autism. She is also a licensed behavior analyst. Monica began her career as an elementary school teacher in the Scottsdale Unified School District, where she specialized in working with kids with autism & ADHD. Monica has experience working with students of all abilities & in all subjects, grades K through 5. Over the past several years, she and her husband have traveled extensively to develop Spanish skills, volunteer, & learn more about different cultures. She loves to share her experiences with students!
Caylin Kacmarcik, BA, M.Ed.
Caylin Kacmarcik, BA, M.Ed.Lower School Special Education Teacher
Caylin graduated from ASU with a BA in Special Education and Elementary Education, and is in the process of obtaining her M.Ed. While new to JGS this year, Caylin and our Lower School Director, Monica, worked together several years ago at a local public school. We are so happy to have Caylin on our team this year!
Lauren Pilato, BAE, M.Ed.
Lauren Pilato, BAE, M.Ed.Humanities/FLEX Teacher
Since joining the JGS team in 2013, Lauren has been highly effective as a teacher of all subjects to lower & middle school students. She earned a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a master’s in Math, Science & Technology from Hofstra Univ. in NY. Now in her 16th year as an educator, Lauren knew from a young age that she wanted to teach. Previously working at a local public school, Lauren was nominated “Teacher of the Year” (twice!).
Adrienne Springfield, BA
Adrienne Springfield, BALower School Teacher
Adrienne holds a Bachelor in Education degree and is an accomplished, highly-effective educator. She joins our team this year after having been a lower school teacher at a well-regarded local private school for nearly two decades. Our Head of School, Dana, has had the pleasure of knowing Adrienne and seeing her “in action” in the classroom during that time. We are honored to have join us this year, and know that JGS students will benefit from her expertise!
Becca Thielen, BA
Becca Thielen, BALower School Teacher
Becca has worked as a teacher, paraprofessional and professional tutor since graduating with a degree in Elementary Education from Bethel University. Throughout college she worked at an ESY (Extended School Year) camp and as a one-on-one assistant to a child with learning differences. Since then, she has maintained a passion for working with students who learn in nontraditional ways. Becca’s positivity, spunkiness, and enthusiasm for learning have made her an invaluable member of the JGS lower school team over the past two school years.