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Junior Varsity and Varsity Jaguars

Our Lower School and Middle School Junior Varsity (3rd-6th grades) and Middle School Varsity (6th-8th grades) teams are geared towards learning and improving fundamental skills and developing behaviors required to play at a more competitive level. At this beginning stage, coaches attempt to give all players adequate playing time, but they also take into account commitment, attitude, and game situations. The success of the program is not defined by its record, but by the individual and team improvement over the course of the season.

J.V. and Varsity Sports Rotation

Aden’s confidence and understanding of the game have skyrocketed. Playing in typical leagues he was lost because the coach gave too many steps. It was emotionally exhausting for him and over time he just didn’t want to participate. Last year Aden said, “I can play sports now because Coach J.J. understands me and how I learn.” He [Coach J.J.] gave him hope and confidence.
Michelle R., Mom of a JGS Softball Player
Coach J.J. is awesome! He takes the time to explain the game step-by-step so I can understand it, which allows me to have fun and enjoy sports. He understands me and knows how to teach me because I learn differently.
Aden, JGS 5th Grader
Coach J.J. has been the biggest influence in my son’s life in the past year. My son has always loved sports and by J.J. implementing an after school program my son can have even more fun at the school he loves after school and play with his friends. J.J. has a great attitude on and off of the field. All players and all levels are welcome. Each kid is encouraged and worked with to bring out their best. J.J. keeps it fun and takes the pressure of winning off of the kids. J.J. has exceeded all expectations and fits right in with the other exemplary staff members.
Nicole B., Mom of a JGS Athlete