High School Varsity Athletics

At JGS our High School Varsity athletes are expected to strive for excellence in their sport(s) during and in-between seasons by attending all practices and games with the coaches. Our coaches instruct, inspire, and prepare our student athletes so they may demonstrate their best ability and accept any outcome with maturity and grace. We expect student athletes to remain committed for the entire season. They are expected to be on time, prepared, and focused in practices and games, in addition to maintaining a positive attitude towards teammates and coaches.

“Thank you for all of the time and effort put in to bringing sports to JGS. Providing the students with physical challenges and nurturing pride and camaraderie is of such tremendous value. We are so grateful and excited about the season.

Thank you also for your kindness and support while looking after [my daughter] at the meet! I know that she relished the experience of being on a trip, independent from both of her parents, as she prepares for greater autonomy next year.”

Mom of a JGS High School Athlete

High School Varsity Sports Rotation

Baseball, Track & Field
“Coach JJ, you have helped me with sports, I like you, you are a great coach!”
Noah F., JGS High School Student

The Annual Jones-Gordon Classic

A Celebration of Firsts! 

Our inaugural JGS High School Varsity Cross Country team ran the first Annual Jones-Gordon Classic 5K race this fall, won by our very own team member, freshman Emery Bird!

Emery finished the race in 18:49.14!