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Middle School Basketball

United Spirit League


Days: Tues & Wed

Time: 7:15am-8:15am

Location: JGS Basketball Court


Games will be played at:

9219 E. Hidden Spur Trail
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


Kris ShenAthletic Director / Basketball Coach
Coach Kris Shen is going on his second year of coaching basketball and is the Athletic Director for The Jones-Gordon School. Kris plans on spreading his love and knowledge for basketball to athletes of all levels. HIs main goal is to help all coaches and athletes understand sportsmanship, teamwork, and what it means to be truly successful in life.

JGS Athletics Code of Ethics:

We believe that a partnership among coaches, players, and parents provides the foundation for a successful athletic program and team experience.  We strongly urge parents to attend the coaches/athletes/parents meetings to ensure understanding of the expectations of our athletes.

To help ensure the best experience for your child, through the season a parent should:

Be enthusiastic and encouraging: Parents should support their children to do their best at whatever level they participate.

Let the coach be the coach: When on the sidelines, parents should resist the temptation to “coach”, recognizing that you may confuse or contradict our coaches’ sideline instruction.

Support our Coach: Regardless of a parent’s sports experience, one should not publicly criticize the coach or teammates.  It is crucial to the team’s spirit and success that players develop a respect for their coach.  Any questions about coaching style should be directed to the coach at an appropriate time (not during or after games).

Demonstrate good sportsmanship: Parents are expected to act as a role model at all times — toward opponents, coaches, teammates, officials, and other spectators.

Communicate with your coaches: It is inevitable that parents will have questions for coaches; parents should have an open line of communication with the coaching staff while encouraging the child to advocate for him/herself directly with the coach.