An inspiring & motivational middle school

In many ways, Jones-Gordon’s Middle School (for grades 6 through 8) seems like a traditional middle school model. Rotating throughout the school day, our students enjoy diverse subject matter and varied teaching styles. Unlike conventional middle schools, however, our students benefit from small class sizes and an environment that encourages appropriate risk-taking. Additionally, we develop students’ key executive function skills (organization, planning, time management, etc.); incorporate social/emotional learning to foster students’ confidence and independence; and offer daily FLEX hours for remediation, acceleration, and/or enrichment. Students also participate in monthly field studies and community service/service learning projects to ensure a rigorous, appropriately challenging, and well-rounded education. JGS students become inspired by what they learn and are motivated to succeed!

English/Language Arts/Humanities

Humanities, comprised of English, History and the Arts, brings literacy to life and fosters creativity, research, knowledge and critical-thinking skills. Students explore various types and levels of literature via thematic units and project-based learning. They become authors through daily writing instruction tied to engaging themes, response to literature, and quarterly showcase projects. History evolves as part of the interdisciplinary study of humanities, promoting analytical thinking, problem-solving and a greater understanding of the connection between the past and present.

Humanities (1 period/day):
– History & Geography
– Writing
– Novel studies
– Reading comprehension & fluency
– Socratic seminars
– Discussion boards
– Thematic Art Projects
– Showcases

ELA (1 period/day):
– Writing
– Grammar
– Research
– Vocabulary/Morphology/Greek & Latin Roots
– Keyboarding & tech tools
– Executive Functioning

Mathematics, science & STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)

Every JGS middle-school student has one-to-one access to laptops in every class for academic use. Google’s G Suite and other software and apps engage students as they become experts in using technology to enhance and support their learning.

Our concepts-based, differentiated approach ensures that students meet their math goals while building an essential foundation. Whether in addition, multiplication, algebra or geometry, our students master content and concepts and gain confidence in their math abilities.

Our hands-on, investigative, experiment-based science curriculum engages students in the scientific process. Our robust, introductory STEM track prepares students for high school classes and tech-infused college programs and careers. Topics explored include computer programming/coding, model building, graphic design, multimedia, construction, and more.

Electives & specials classes

Experiential learning is a pivotal part of what we do at JGS! Each quarter, middle school students select from various electives that have included such diverse choices as Spanish, woodshop, Model UN, robotics, “A DIY Life,” and journalism. Electives offered each quarter change based on students’ strengths and interests. Additionally, students participate in a rotation of specials classes throughout the week: mindfulness, art, PE, and cooking.

“Gone are the days when homework was a struggle, reading was frustrating and spelling was impossible. Now we have days that are filled with endless possibilities and smiles!”
- parent of a JGS 6th grade student