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About our High School

Jones-Gordon’s fully accredited high school program is designed—from start to finish—to meet the individual needs of each student.

JGS high school students feel valued and supported in our tight-knit community of 60. They benefit from small class sizes taught by experienced and caring certified teachers, engage in rigorous and authentic learning experiences, and develop their metacognitive skills and emotional intelligence through targeted instruction in executive function and mindfulness.

The Jones-Gordon High School’s college preparatory course of study helps students cultivate their strengths and meet high expectations, launching them into life after high school primed for success.

Course of study: authentic college prep academics + daily executive function training

Designed to be responsive to the most recent research Jones-Gordon high school classes begin at 9:00 am, allowing our ninth through twelfth -graders the extra sleep their brains need to function optimally. In addition to core academic classes, students take electives courses daily. Students engage in real-world problem solving, inquiry, and personalized learning. They conduct high-level research, work collaboratively to produce concrete deliverables, and contribute their ideas as global citizens to current world issues. This makes our high school academic program one of the more rigorous and authenticity-based in the area.

In order to ensure that our rigorous coursework is accessible to all learners, instructional material is differentiated to promote strengths and help students understand their challenges, allowing their creativity and passion to shine. Our program holds students accountable to achieve high expectations without ever watering down the curriculum.

At the end of each day, students receive targeted executive function (EF) training in their daily advisory class. Explicit instruction on EF skills (planning, time management, goal setting, etc.) supports JGS high school students’ academic performance as well as their own personal development.

Students who need extra academic or EF support can add an optional FLEX hour and/or participate in the Strategies and Systems in Learning (SSIL) elective course—a hybrid study skills/neuroscience/study hall class where students learn and practice strategies that work best for their uniquely wired brains.

A mindful approach to emotional intelligence

Our holistic approach to education means that the development of a growth mindset, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making are tantamount to academic learning. We partner with Yale University to offer RULER© social-emotional programming, schoolwide. In conjunction, Jones-Gordon is a mindfulness school, explicitly teaching students the art and neuroscience of living in the present moment. Studies continue to show that mindfulness increases focus and attention, promotes kindness and compassion, and reduces anxiety. Our high school students, who develop strong emotional intelligence during their time at JGS and act as stewards of our culture of kindness, can confirm these findings firsthand!

College and career counseling: an outcome-based approach

JGS students are taught to focus on developing their interests and capitalizing on their strengths, empowering them to tackle their postsecondary goals with confidence and conviction. Customized four-year plans are designed for every student, and are continuously reviewed and modified as needs and interests change and develop. Jones-Gordon empowers students to take control of their own educational journey by making them active participants in their high school and postsecondary plans.

Student-centered extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are always adapting in response to student interests. Currently, our most notable extracurricular offering is our robust athletics program, approved by NCAA.

We also offer student-centered, interest-based afterschool clubs, such as Student Government (STUGO), Speech and Debate, and RPG (Role Playing Games) Club. Students are encouraged to create and lead their own clubs as well.

“The Jones-Gordon School is the ONLY academic provider that has been able to meet our son’s needs. After years and years of academic failure…at Jones-Gordon he was finally able to demonstrate his strengths.”

- parent of a JGS High School student

Other Options for High School Students

Through our private tutoring division, On-Track Tutoring, we offer even more flexible customized options to meet the needs of students who may not be able to regularly attend school. Athletes, models, musicians, and actors are all part of a rapidly growing group that often requires a great deal of travel and less room for full-time study. On-Track’s instructor-supported correspondence/independent study program allows these students to meet both their career and academic goals.