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A supportive, college-prep high school experience

Jones-Gordon’s accredited high school program is designed—from start to finish—to meet the individual needs of each student.

JGS students benefit from being a part of a small, family-like school community; work exclusively in small groups and classes taught by highly-qualified, experienced, and caring certified teachers; have the ability to work at levels appropriate for their individual capabilities and goals; and are guided through the high school-to-college process through our ongoing advisory program. We provide a supportive learning environment combined with rigorous, college- and career-readiness curricula that ensure students are well prepared for life after high school!

Our School Community

Our high school students are an integral part of our larger school community. One high school student said it best, “we’re like one big family!” High school students lead the JGS Student Government, participate in team-building and educational field trips, mentor younger students, and work together on community service projects.

Small Classes and Optional One-on-One FLEX Hours

The Jones-Gordon School intentionally keeps class sizes small (with a maximum 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio) and offers an optional one-on-one FLEX hour for students who may need support for learning differences (such as reading intervention for students with dyslexia). This combination ensures that students are appropriately challenged and supported on an individual level.

Executive Function (EF) Skill Building

From time management to note-taking to test preparation, students learn how to navigate the high school curriculum. At the end of every school day during a targeted advisory class, students receive hands-on instruction and coaching in EF skills based on college and career readiness and real-world/lifelong application. Using our own specialized program, SSIL (Strategies and Systems in Learning), high school students learn more graduated/advanced EF skills as they progress through school. Practicing these skills includes applying them to life at school. For example, at the beginning of the school year, each student researches, chooses (and uses!) an organizational system that is best-suited to his or her individual needs. This may be a binder system, folder system, or digital/cloud-based system. Students requiring more intensive EF support also have the option of additional coaching as a one-on-one FLEX period.

JGS Connect: Planning for Today and Tomorrow

An essential part of the Jones-Gordon high school experience, students are matched with a JGS Connect advisor to plan, execute, and maintain customized 4-year plans. Advisors guide students in achieving their personal education goals while building life and leadership skills they’ll need in all future endeavors.

Additionally, Career Counseling Services, provided by Terrie Rust, MA, M.Ed., Ed.S., help students get ready for life after high school. Guiding JGS students to focus on developing their interests and capitalizing on their strengths empowers them to prepare for college and beyond!

Electives & Extracurricular Activities

Though our high school is small (with a cap of 60 students) we are able to provide a variety of engaging, high-interest electives classes, as well as afterschool clubs, sports, and SAT/ACT test prep classes, to round out our high school program.

For-credit electives for the 2018-19 school year include:

  • Foreign languages (Mandarin, Spanish, American Sign Language)
  • Journalism, Communications, Yearbook
  • Health
  • Physical Education (Strength & Conditioning, Yoga)
  • Visual Arts & Music (Graphic Design, Studio Art, Photography, Percussion)
  • Personal Development
  • CTE (Career Technical Education)-STEM
  • Linguistics
  • Psychology
  • Cooking
  • Woodshop
  • Robotics
  • Service Learning
“The Jones-Gordon School is the ONLY academic provider that has been able to meet our son’s needs. After years and years of academic failure…at Jones-Gordon he was finally able to demonstrate his strengths.”
- parent of a JGS High School student

Other Options for High School Students

Through our On-Track Tutoring division, we offer even more flexible customized options to meet the needs of students who may not be able to regularly attend school. Athletes, models, musicians, and actors are all part of a rapidly growing group that often require a great deal of travel and less room for full-time study. On-Track’s instructor-supported correspondence/independent study program allows these students to meet both their career and academic goals.