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A unique approach to obtaining a high school diploma

A truly unique, blended learning model, Jones-Gordon’s high school program is designed — from start to finish — to meet the individual needs of each student. Ensuring that state and national standards are met, students learn using accredited, online curriculum. This enables our students to transfer easily to other high school programs or prepare for enrollment in college. Rather than working alone in front of a computer all day, however, our high school students work exclusively in small groups guided by well-qualified, on-site teachers who supplement the curriculum to enhance learning.

Truly the best alternative to traditional high school options, our students benefit from being a part of a small community; have the ability to work at an appropriate pace for their own abilities and goals; are supported by knowledgeable, experienced, and caring instructors; and are guided through the high school-to-college process through our ongoing advisory program.

Every high school student has different goals and objectives; therefore, a single program or curriculum doesn’t necessarily meet every student’s needs. Jones-Gordon has established relationships with over a dozen accredited correspondence/independent study high school programs nationwide in order to meet the needs of virtually every level of student. In addition, JGS is in the final stages of accreditation of our own curriculum, so that we can provide an even more customized, tailored high school education.
Jones-Gordon provides a structured school day and daily, in-person instruction and support. With online programs, most students aren’t able to learn an entire high school curriculum with the level of absorption required to continue on a post-high school path. Jones-Gordon students have experienced educators who actually teach course content — providing a depth of understanding beyond what students would receive online or in a regular classroom setting. Students have the added benefit that only face-to-face instruction can provide — real-life, hands-on study skills practice. From time management to note-taking to test preparation, students learn how to navigate the high school curriculum.
An integral part of the high school experience, Jones-Gordon students are matched with a JGS Connect Advisor to plan, execute, and maintain customized 4-year plans. Advisors guide students in achieving their personal education and career goals, while building life and leadership skills they’ll need in all future endeavors!
Our high school teachers are dedicated educational professionals and experts in their areas of instruction. All of our teachers understand the complexities of the online curriculum and are able to motivate our students to work within realistic time lines, reach established goals, and achieve academic success!
Jones-Gordon offers full-day or part-day programs to meet the needs of virtually every student.

Athletes, models, musicians and actors are all part of a rapidly growing group that often require a great deal of travel and less room for full-time study. Our instructor-supported correspondence/independent study program allows these students to meet both their career and academic goals.

One Young Man’s Success Story!

Jones-Gordon is proud to have been a part of helping Alec Benjamin reach his goals as a musician and a student. A talented vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Alec joined Jones-Gordon his junior year so that he could pursue his music career while earning his high school diploma. Alec graduated (on time!) in May of 2011, and now attends the University of Southern California so that he can continue both his educational pursuits and his burgeoning music career in Los Angeles.

Students who wish to work with Jones-Gordon but also attend their local high schools (to participate in sports programs, etc.) may opt for a part-time option. Students with learning differences, anxiety, attention deficits (ADD/ADHD), or other learning challenges may opt for an even more individualized learning environment to optimize learning and minimize distraction.

Our high school students are an integral part of our larger school community. One student recently said it best, “we’re like one big family!” High school students lead the JGS Student Government, participate in team-building and educational field trips, and work together on community service learning projects.
The Jones-Gordon School offers both small classes and one-on-one options depending on 1) the grade/level of the student, 2) individual goals, 3) availability of an appropriate grouping or class. It is important to note that JGS does not form unrealistic groups or classes (freshman with seniors, Algebra with Calculus, etc.) when doing so would hinder the progression of the students within the grouping. Our intention is not just to assist students in obtaining passing grades; rather, we also aim to give students a depth of knowledge and love of learning to last a lifetime!

“The Jones-Gordon School is the ONLY academic provider that has been able to meet our son’s needs. After years and years of academic failure…at Jones-Gordon he was finally able to demonstrate his strengths.”
- parent of a JGS High School student