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The Cornerstones of JGS


Our proprietary executive function (EF) program, Strategic Connections™, is infused throughout the curriculum, in every classroom, every day! Each month, students implement strategies for a different EF concept such as organization, metacognition, planning, etc., to make learning easier.


JGS students participate in a daily FLEX hour in their areas of need and/or enrichment (reading, writing, math, STEM, or a combination thereof). Each student’s FLEX hour placement is based on pre-assessment data collected upon enrollment and is evaluated and adjusted throughout the course of the year by the instructional team.

For students in need of reading intervention, JGS offers research-based, multisensory programming from Wilson Language Programs® and Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, among others. Our expertly-trained teachers hold the highest level of certification, including Wilson Level II and International Dyslexia Association Tier 3 Dyslexia Therapists.


We are dedicated to helping our students develop critical 21st century learning skills that equip them to contribute to the greater world community. JGS students learn effective communication skills along with self-advocacy, respect for others, personal responsibility, critical thinking, and social equity. We teach students to evaluate the ethics and impact of their decisions, not only in an academic setting but from a global perspective as well. This includes sustainability education, values-based decision making, and, of course, travel. JGS offers annual trips to major U.S. cities (New York & Washington D.C. 2018, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Monterey 2019) along with study abroad for the high school (Europe 2020!).

JGS students are active members of our community. From community gardening to fundraising, service learning is an essential part of a Jones-Gordon education. High school students are required to complete 10 hours of community service each year, but many exceed these requirements by participating in monthly JGS-sponsored service projects.

All students – from 1st grade to 12th grade – participate in Monthly Givebacks, which instill a culture of volunteerism and community outreach. We partner with local non-profits, such as Water is Life, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, Feed My Starving Children, Halo Animal Rescue, Phoenix Rescue Mission, The Elephant Rescue, and more.


On a monthly basis, you will find JGS around town! Field trip destinations and activities—museums, parks, outdoor adventures, etc.—cater to a variety of interests and afford diverse learning opportunities tied to thematic instructional units.


Through a unique combination of programs, including The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER and our comprehensive proprietary executive function (EF) skills program, Strategic Connections™, we teach and strengthen EF, social, and emotional skills in real time. Mindfulness strategies are taught and practiced to help students improve focus, control impulses, reduce stress, and deal with frustration. Planning, organization, task initiation, self-monitoring and awareness, adaptability, accountability, and emotional regulation are woven into the fiber of our day. Every student, every staff member, every day.