Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers!)

Valley parents have many choices for educating their children: parochial schools, public and charter schools, homeschooling, online learning—even other schools that specialize in teaching students with learning difficulties. We are the ONLY school, however, that combines these essential components for effective learning and student success:

  1. research-validated curriculum, differentiated instruction, and project-based learning;
  2. small classes ensuring individual attention;
  3. a daily FLEX hour for remediation or enrichment with subject-area experts including Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioners for reading intervention (JGS is proud to have earned Wilson® Accredited Partner status—and is the only Wilson Accredited Partner private school in the Southwest!);
  4. a family-like, positive, and encouraging learning atmosphere where students are comfortable taking risks; and
  5. highly-skilled teachers and administrators who are passionate about education and who understand how kids—especially those with learning differences—learn!

Jones-Gordon students are bright, capable kids with average to above average (gifted) intelligence who flourish in a structured, progressive, and encouraging learning environment. Most of our students have been diagnosed with specific language-based learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), attention challenges (ADHD), and also often have anxiety—making learning in traditional schools less than ideal. JGS students are given the tools, programming, resources, and support they need to thrive!

Please know that JGS is not designed to meet the needs of children whose educational plan focuses on improving conduct or children who are struggling with school avoidance. Prospective students with behaviors that impede the learning environment of other students are not considered for admission. 

Our school serves elementary, middle school, and high school students.  JGS students learn in flexible, age- and ability-based groupings, which allows us to accommodate different learners at various levels.

JGS students learn in classes with 10-16 students, maximum, per teacher. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures the utmost opportunity for success for each student. Additionally, through our scheduling optimization strategies, there are many opportunities for even smaller groupings. Schoolwide, we boast a nearly 3-to-1 staff-to-student ratio!

Our tuition is competitive with other private schools. Unequivocally, JGS parents feel that with the amount of individualized attention and the quality of our curriculum and teachers, our tuition is a great value. And, the amount of success their children have achieved is priceless! Please see our Tuition, Aid, & Scholarships page for more specifics.

We are committed to providing a high-quality education to as many students as possible. Our need-based scholarship program is funded by Arizona State Income Tax Credits for individuals and corporations, who donate to School Tuition Organizations (STOs). Scholarships are then awarded to students who apply directly to the STOs. Please see our Tuition, Aid, & Scholarships page for more specifics.

Additionally, families interested in receiving support are encouraged to explore the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship requirements and qualifications to see if they are eligible for some level of funding through this state-funded program.

Jones-Gordon is located in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona, south of Shea Blvd on the corner of Doubletree Ranch Rd and Tatum Blvd.

Our idyllic campus has large, comfortable classrooms; private tutorial/FLEX hour rooms; a student union; occupational therapy and weight room equipment; a well-equipped art studio and “maker space”; ample room for all of our critters (lizards, dogs, and more!); and plenty of outdoor space for play, exercise, and learning opportunities!

JGS was first founded as On-Track Academy in 2010, as an extension of On-Track Tutoring’s long-running homeschooling support program.

Both The Jones-Gordon School and On-Track Tutoring (also founded by Dana Herzberg, M.Ed., in 1999) were originally part of Herzberg Educational Services, Inc., and now operate under the nonprofit Jones-Gordon Foundation.