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Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers!)

Jones-Gordon students are bright, capable kids who flourish in a structured, progressive, and encouraging learning environment. Many of our students have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, attention deficits (ADD or ADHD), twice exceptionalities (giftedness coupled with one or more learning or attention challenges), anxiety or mood disorders that can make learning in traditional schools less than ideal. Other students may travel often (athletes, actors) or may otherwise have issues with regular attendance and need the flexible schedules and ongoing support that we provide.

Whatever the reason, JGS students have often had difficulty performing to their best ability in more conventional schools or classrooms, but at The Jones-Gordon School, they thrive!

Our school serves elementary, middle school, and high school students. Because most children who struggle in school are not diagnosed with learning challenges until second grade or later, the majority of our student body consists of students in third grade and higher. While we do not have a stand-alone kindergarten class, students who would ordinarily be considered kindergartners may still be admitted to our school if they are a good fit with our program and current student population. JGS students learn in flexible, age- and ability-based groupings, which allows us to accommodate different types of learners at various levels.
JGS students in Lower and Middle School learn in classes of up to 10; most high school classes have no more than 8 students per class.  Our low, maximum student-to-teacher ratio ensures the utmost opportunity for success for each student. Additionally, there are many opportunities for even smaller groupings and 1-on-1 instruction (daily!). Schoolwide, we boast a nearly 3-to-1 faculty-to-student ratio!
Our tuition is competitive with other private, special education schools in the Valley, but is also dependent on the grade level and particular needs of each student. Unequivocally, JGS parents feel that with the amount of individualized attention and the quality of our curriculum and teachers, our tuition is a great value. And, the amount of success their children have achieved is priceless! Please see our Tuition, Aid, & Scholarships page for more specifics.
We are committed to providing a high-quality education to as many students as possible. Our need-based scholarship program is funded by Arizona State Income Tax Credits for individuals and corporations, who donate to School Tuition Organizations (STOs). Scholarships are then awarded to students who apply directly to the STOs. Please see our Tuition, Aid, & Scholarships page for more specifics.

Additionally, families interested in receiving support are encouraged to explore the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship requirements and qualifications to see if they are eligible for some level of funding through this program. A great number of our students are!

Valley parents have many choices for educating their children: parochial schools, public and charter schools, homeschooling, online learning—even schools who specialize in teaching students with learning difficulties. We are the ONLY school, however, that combines these essential components for effective learning and student success: 1) multisensory, research-based curriculum and experiential learning; 2) 10 or fewer kids in core classes; 3) an included, daily FLEX hour for remediation, acceleration, or enrichment in the lower and middle schools; 4) a small, family-like, positive, and encouraging learning atmosphere; and 5) highly-skilled teachers and administrators who are passionate about education and who understand how kids—especially those with learning differences—learn!

In addition, Jones-Gordon’s wholistic day school program encompasses all aspects of a child’s growth, not only academically, but also socially, emotionally, physically. We offer speech/language and occupational therapy, conducted only by licensed/certified therapists (not assistants); a master’s level school social worker, BCBA, and school psychologist for executive function and social skills as well as emotional support; and we team with other professionals as needed so that all of our students have the support they need—all on campus. Our curriculum materials meet and exceed Arizona state standards, providing our students the freedom to transition to more traditional schools or colleges if they so choose.

JGS’s successful student behavioral program also sets us apart from other schools. In lieu of a punitive system, Jones-Gordon firmly believes in the desirable outcomes associated with token economy and positive reinforcement systems—effective forms of behavior modification. The advantages of token economies are many: positive behaviors are rewarded immediately, the use of consequences is less restrictive, and students are able to learn the skills related to planning for the future!

The Jones-Gordon School’s programs offer much more structure and support than online schools can provide, paramount for kids with learning challenges in particular. And while our high school students, for example, do participate in online curriculum programs, students are still taught the material by our experienced, supportive teachers face-to-face daily. Each student is an integral part of our school community, something that cannot be replicated online.
Our goal is to empower highly aspiring students with the tools they need to successfully transition into more traditional schools—and to college following graduation—by providing the best individualized educational program available.

Because The Jones-Gordon School uses differentiated instructional approaches to college-preparatory academics, students are often able to return to mainstream educational settings if they choose to do so. Upon leaving our program, JGS students are armed with the skills necessary to pursue further educational, professional, and life goals!

Jones-Gordon is now located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, just south of Shea Blvd on the corner of Doubletree Ranch Rd and Tatum Blvd. Please see our contact page for the address and a map to our school.

Our idyllic campus has large, comfortable classrooms; private tutorial/FLEX hour rooms; a student union; occupational therapy and weight room equipment; a large indoor “maker space” and play area; ample room for all of our critters (lizards, dogs, and more!); and plenty of outdoor space for play, exercise, and learning opportunities!

The Jones-Gordon School was created to address the unmet academic needs of high-potential children with learning differences in the metro Phoenix, Arizona area.

Students whose achievement has suffered because of difficulty learning in a traditional classroom need an opportunity to break old cycles of failure and frustration. JGS teachers provide an atmosphere that both challenges and nurtures each student, and our curriculum fosters each child’s maximum potential using research-based teaching methods. Additionally, JGS’s small class sizes; individualized, one-to-one and small group instruction; and non-institutional environment provide a clear alternative to larger, clinically-modeled schools and mainstream schools.

Please know that JGS is not a therapeutic environment, and our program is not designed to meet the needs of children whose primary difficulties are emotional or behavioral.

JGS was first founded as On-Track Academy in 2010, as an extension of On-Track Tutoring’s long-running homeschooling program. Both The Jones-Gordon School and On-Track Tutoring are a part of Herzberg Educational Services, Inc., and are owned and operated by Dana Herzberg, M.Ed., and her team of professionals. We have a long history of educating and supporting students of all abilities, as On-Track Tutoring has been a leader in instructing students with and without learning differences since 1999.
Jones-Gordon’s philosophy is that students will meet high expectations and challenges if given the opportunity to do so, regardless of their challenges. When students are given the tools to build confidence and knowledge, they can achieve academic success. Our goal is to equip each student with the skills required to be an independent, life-long learner; our mission is to inspire a passion for learning and to encourage each student to develop a sense of academic independence, responsibility, dedication and self-discipline.