JGS Middle School, grades 6, 7 & 8

In many ways, Jones-Gordon’s Middle School seems like a traditional middle school model. Rotating throughout the school day, our students enjoy diverse subject matter and varied teaching styles. Unlike conventional middle schools, however, our students benefit from small class sizes with a maximum 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio. By developing key executive function skills (organization, planning, time management, etc.), fostering students’ confidence and independence, and offering daily FLEX Hours for remediation, acceleration, and/or enrichment, our students have successfully transitioned to high school and continued their studies with consistent success.

Humanities, comprised of English, History and the Arts, brings literacy to life and fosters creativity, research, knowledge and critical-thinking skills. Middle school students explore various types and levels of literature via thematic units and project-based learning. They become authors through daily writing instruction tied to engaging themes, response to literature, and quarterly showcase projects. History evolves as part of the interdisciplinary study of humanities, promoting analytical thinking, problem solving and a greater understanding of the connection between the past and present.
 Our concepts-based, differentiated approach ensures that students meet their math goals while building an essential foundation. Whether in addition, multiplication, algebra or geometry, our students master the content and concepts with ease.
Our hands-on, investigative, experiment-based science curriculum engages students in the scientific process. Our robust, introductory STEM track prepares students for high school classes (including AP) and tech-infused college programs and careers. Topics explored include: computer programming, coding, model building, computer animation, graphic design, multimedia, construction, and even, aviation.
Hands-on learning is a pivotal part of what we do at JGS! Each quarter, middle school students rotate through different projects — from Speech and Debate to Music to Journalism and everything in-between!
Every student at JGS has access to his/her own laptop for school use. Google’s G Suite and other interactive software, extensions, and apps engage students as they become experts in using technology to support their learning. 
Our 21st century learners also utilize technology in the Specials classroom. Students use the coding and graphic design skills they develop in class to create visual projects such as advertisements, blueprints, coats of arms, magazines, and even their own inventions.

ART: Incorporated into the humanities curriculum and offered as a weekly specials program, art provides an opportunity for self-expression and bringing imagination to life.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Indoor and outdoor exercise and physical fitness activities keep minds and bodies active.

The Jones-Gordon School partners with several other organizations to provide the highest quality Occupational Therapy, Speech/Language Therapy and Counseling. Services are available on-campus during the school day to support our comprehensive approach to education. 
JGS conducts annual testing using a variety of assessment tools (WJ-III, KTEA-3, GORT-V, FAR, CTOPP, etc.)  based on each child’s needs and program focus. Data and sample assignments are collected by teachers regularly to build a working progress portfolio. Goals are established at the onset based on assessment data and teacher observations. Twice yearly parent-teacher conferences encourage ongoing, open communication regarding each child’s progress towards goals.
“Gone are the days when homework was a struggle, reading was frustrating and spelling was impossible. Now we have days that are filled with endless possibilities and smiles!”
- parent of a JGS 6th grade student